100 % Open Source ColdFusion Virtual Machine

This Virtual Machine is a complete ColdFusion engine and development environment.
It contains the Bluefish Open Source code development editor that is platform independant, on its own.
Railo is the open source CFML engine powering this application server. Railo allows you to write powerful web applications leveraging java.
Chromium browser is an open source project that runs anywhere and allows you to run the code you develop.
The core is TinyCore Linux a fully functioning graphical UI operating system that can be as small as 12MB. That is right twelve megabytes!
You will need to have an Intel X86 virtualiztion environment, we recommend Virtualbox which is free and runs on all operation systems.
The Virtual Machine Image can be found at Source Forge

100 % Open Source Bitnami Lucee Virtual Machine

This Virtual Machine is a modification of the Bitnami Railo VM.
The Open Source OS is the base 64 bit Bitnami Ubuntu 14.04 VM. Railo has been replaced with Lucee
Information on the OS usernames & passwords are available here
Lucee support can be found here